Upland Farm is a small working cattle farm in the coastal town of Denmark, Western Australia. Amongst the paddocks on the 107 acreage, sits The Guest House offering pure luxuries and a haven for the charm and serenity of farm life. An architecturally designed newly built home cladded in Iron Ash, boasting large glazed windows and doors to celebrate the panoramic farmland, neighbouring vineyard and valley views. The outlook over the farm is complimented by the natural and thoughtfully considered finishes to create a peaceful place to explore from and soak in the beauty of rural living.

Exterior photo of Upland Farm timber stairs by Field Notes


The construction of the buildings was led by Tyrone Kennedy, farm owner and director of Alcove Engineering and Construction, together with carpenter and site supervisor Russel George. A passionate team with an eye for detail and a build that was completed in 7 months resulting in a high standard of finish and a unique retreat that embraces its surroundings.

The architect, Nikki Ross captured the stunning backdrop of farmland, forest and vineyards through every window, creating a 360 degree view that every guest can enjoy together or privately in their own room or outdoor area. Every season and every part of the day provides a different aesthetic from within the houses.

Farm owner, Shelley Kennedy completed the interiors being inspired by the natural surroundings and colour tones of the farm and the Great Southern coastal landscape.

Walking in forest surrounding Upland Farm photo by Field Notes


When building the Main House and Guest House, we wanted the buildings to sit quietly in their surroundings and to be as self sufficient as possible. The design of the buildings takes advantage of the sun and wind. The large windows and doors provide cross ventilation for the hotter months and in the cooler seasons, our wood fires run entirely from the wood of the fallen trees around the property. We capture our own rainwater and have capacity to hold 200,000 litres in our water tanks. We run our own septic system and our compost bins reduce our landfill as well as creating our soil that will eventually grow our produce that will be available for guests to enjoy.