Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings for Upland Farm. By making a booking with us you acknowledge that you have read and abide by these terms. These terms may be updated at anytime and will be posted on our website.


When making a booking, please ensure that all the details you provide are correct. It is your responsibility to notify Upland Farm is any of your details have changed.


The full tariff must be paid at the time of booking. Upland Farm will accept payment by Bank Transfer. A valid credit card number is required for security on all bookings made which will be confirmed over the phone prior to your stay. Upland Farm reserves the right to release dates if payment terms are not met.


  • If you wish to reschedule your booking to an alternate date this must be done 14 full days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. We cannot guarantee that the dates that your request to reschedule to will be available.
  • If your booking is cancelled more than 14 full days prior to your scheduled date of arrival, you will be refunded in full.
  • If your booking is cancelled less than 14 full days prior to your scheduled date of arrival, 50% of your total tariff will be forfeited and will not be refunded.
  • If your booking is cancelled less than 7 full days prior to your scheduled date of arrival, your entire Booking Fee will be forfeited and will not be refunded.


The maximum number of guests in the Guest House is 5 persons and must not be exceeded. The 5th person must be on a trundle or a cot provided. If the occupancy exceeds this, an additional fee of $100 per person will be charged to your nominated credit card.

Guests must keep the Guest House secure and locked when away from the farm. 


Children are welcome to stay at Upland Farm and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please be aware that we do not supply a fire guard on our fireplace. We remind you that Upland Farm is a working property and clearly signed electrical fences are in place for the safety of you, your children and our cattle.

Please state the age of your children at the time of booking. We can provide cots, high chairs, toddler chairs and bed guards on request. You will find plastic utensils in the kitchen.


We are located in a residential neighbourhood. Please respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum. Unreasonable noise will not be tolerated after 10.00pm.

We do not tolerate parties and all events/elopements must be organised through our packages. 


Visitors (2 adults or one family) may visit you on the farm, but prior permission must be made with your Upland Farm Hosts. We do not take responsibility for these visitors and they must abide by the terms and conditions outline in this document.

You must not host any function, party or event at Upland Farm without prior written consent. This consent is at our discretion and may be subject to additional booking fees.


Check in time is 3.00pm and check out is 11.00am. We will try wherever possible to accommodate early arrival and/or late departure.

In some circumstances, early check in or late check outs will require you to book and pay for an additional half day. Half day bookings are charged at a rate of 50% of the applicable nightly rate and will allow you to check-in at 11am and check out at 2pm.


  • Check out time is 11am
  • Turn off all fans and lights
  • Clean and put away dishes or stack all dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on
  • Shut all windows and doors
  • Place all rubbish from kitchen and bathroom bins in the outside bins provided. Place new bin liner in inside bins
  • Leave all linen and sheets on the beds
  • Leave all used towels on the bathroom floor. To save on water, leave any unused towels on the towel rails or in the bathroom cabinets
  • Lock all sliding doors and leave all sets of keys on the kitchen bench. Please close the front door but leave it unlocked.
  • Please be mindful to leave the guest house in a state that you found it and cleaning fees/damage fees may apply if this is not respected. The cost of cleaning will be made on examination following your checkout


Guests must take care to look after the property, furnishings and surroundings. Any faults, damages or breakages must be reported to the owners. On departure the property must be left in a clean and tidy state. You will find a check out checklist in the Welcome Book on arrival. Upland Farm reserves the right to charge guests for the following, but not restricted to, all damages and breakages inside the Guest House and on the property, lost keys, missing items, extra cleaning and unpaid expenses. An amount equal to the repair or replacement cost for the damaged goods will be automatically charged to the credit card provided as security for the booking following at least one attempt to contact the credit card holder.

If any items are missing from Upland Farm after your departure, the cost of replacement will be automatically charged to the credit card provided as security for the booking following at least one attempt to contact the credit card holder.

You must not alter, move or rearrange any furniture, fixtures or fittings in The Guest House without prior approval.


Upland Farm is a working cattle farm. You will have access to the acreage but please take care when exploring. Cattle, kangaroos and other wildlife on the farm, although are friendly and inquisitive, are not pets, so please keep a safe distance from them and do not feed them. There are several electric fences around the property in place for the safety of our guests and our cattle that are clearly signed, please do not touch the fences. The fence and gates around the houses are not hot wired.

We are not liable for any loss or damage to your (or your guests and visitors) personal property during your stay at Upland Farm. We recommend that you are your guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover any loss or damage to personal belongings during your stay at Upland Farm.


The Great Southern region is known for power outages. Please understand that we will do our best and at the earliest convenience to ensure backup power if an outage occurs during your stay. You will notice the emergency lights in the hall way will go on while we are changing over to back up power. The lights and TV can be used, but please avoid using the dishwasher and washing machine while back up power is on. We will notify you via text message when the main power is back on. The stove, oven and hot water run on gas and can be used throughout an outage. You can find candles and matches in the kitchen.

No refunds can be made because of a Western Power outages occurring during your stay and we apologies if there are any inconveniences.


A $40 charge will apply if keys are lost or damaged and will be charged to the credit card supplied. A call out fee of $200 will also apply if we require a locksmith to attend the property.


Smoking inside The Guest House is strictly prohibited. If smoking outside all windows and doors must be closed and all cigarette butts must be extinguished and placed in the outdoor bins provided. In the event that you, your guests or your visitors smoke inside the Guest House, an additional fee of $400 for specialised cleaning will be charged to your nominated credit card.


As this is a working cattle farm, pets are not allowed on the property. Additional charges will be made if you disregard this policy.


Please use the gravel road to park on. Quad bikes and dirt bikes are not to be brought onto the farm. We understand that some guests will be continuing their travels with a caravan. Caravans can be brought onto the farm but are not to be used as additional accommodation during your stay. Please take care and drive slowly on the gravel.


Commercial use of Upland Farm is strictly prohibited. Personal photographs and videos are by all means allowed for your personal use however any commercial photoshoots and filming at Upland Farm are prohibited unless prior written approval has been arranged.

Commercial offerings can be arranged via email and additional fees apply.

Failure to obtain our prior consent in relation to commercial photography and filming will be considered a breach of this document.


Any event or circumstance which is in the nature of force majeure including but not limited to fire, flood, storm, accidents, pandemic, plague, earthquake, riots, explosions, hostilities, labour disputes and industrial actions which prevent a party from complying with its obligations under this agreement and which that party did not cause and cannot control of influence.

Please take care to do your due diligence and ask all necessary questions and confirm dates, time and details with all parties before making your booking.